Hyping the future of 5G

AT&T 5G Event


5G is fundamentally changing the way people live, play and work. For this reason, AT&T approached us to create a dynamic visual identity for their ‘The Future of 5G Starts Today’ event in New York City. In addition, they wanted to generate a high volume of cross-category press coverage, and position AT&T as a leader in 5G.


We helped create The Future of 5G – a star-studded event where, with the support of specially selected partners across the fields of sport and entertainment, AT&T could demonstrate the genuine impact their 5G was making.

We built upon the existing AT&T 5G brand identity and created a visual language based on speed, seamless lag-free connections, sumptuousness, fun and the unexpected.


We crafted an event identity that brought new energy and excitement to what was traditionally seen as a more conservative brand.

Our work exceeded expectations, generating massive global cross-media coverage from Adweek, Mashable India, Daily Mail, Deadline and Verge to The People, and others.