Calling on Britain to stop fraud

Take Five Campaign


Every 15 seconds, someone in the UK is affected by financial fraud. This costs the nation £755m a year and causes undue stress to thousands of victims. Many people know the dos and don’ts of dealing with potential financial fraud and scams. The trouble is that even the vigilant can make a mistake in the heat of the moment.


Through an integrated, comprehensive behavioural change campaign, we delivered one simple call to action – ‘Take Five to Stop Fraud’ – encouraging people across the country to pause and think when faced with a potential financial fraud situation.

We created a stand-out cross-platform brand campaign, including a new name and brand identity, an online resource centre, video content, social media content, literature suites, in-store bank collateral and a full set of campaign brand guidelines for Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) and the UK banking industry.


While the fight against fraud is ongoing, our campaign is playing its part and was the winner of the Best Change Management Campaign in the 2017 PRCA Awards.