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Delivering impartial LGBT+ news for a world that isn’t

Openly Brand
Thomson Reuters


The news industry currently under-reports LGBT+ news. Instead, news heavily targeted to one community -gay men - was leaving the rest of the community feeling isolated.


To become the ultimate source of LGBT+ news worldwide. We created a stand-out and inclusive brand identity that doesn’t isolate communities or play on stereotypes.

The visual identity needed to be authentic, intellectual, impartial, accurate and, most importantly, relevant to everyone. We named the outlet Openly, with a promise to deliver “unbiased news for a world that isn’t”.

Then we turned Times Square into the world’s biggest newspaper, using ad space on the Thomson Reuters building to display shocking, homophobic media headlines from around the globe.


Our launch campaign aligned with the United Nations General Assembly week in New York and National Coming Out Day in London. We activated events for Openly at both, attracting hundreds of influencers and media.