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Elevating Hargreaves Lansdown’s corporate reporting

Hargreaves Lansdown Annual Report
Hargreaves Lansdown


Hargreaves Lansdown is committed to empowering people to save and invest with confidence. To do this, it needed a report that showcased the effectiveness of its business strategy, particularly its response to the unique market environment of 2020.


The business had a strong story to tell. Together, we undertook an immersive communications workshop designed to tap into Hargreaves Landsdown's deep pool of knowledge and connect experiences and insight. We developed the cover’s positioning statement, dialled up the investment case and engineered a narrative that focused on support.


Our collaboration tied together group vision, societal challenge, client proposition and business performance indicators. It was designed in a digital-friendly landscape format, to better reflect how their investor audience consumes information. The result is a corporate asset that is as engaging and persuasive as it is informative and authentic.